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Magazine: Scrapbooking Memories

Issue number: Vol 13 No 2

On Sale Date: Wednesday, 12th January 2011

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This month we’re celebrating the start of a new year with a summer special full of cool expert ideas!

• We show you some fresh ways to incorporate your child’s artwork in your scrapping.
• We take a look at the many different options for framing photos on your layouts.
• Our Masters tackle their first ever product challenge with some fabulous goodies from Stampin’ Up!
• Get your camera ready as we begin our Monthly Photo Challenge with plenty of ideas to keep you snapping all month long.
• Plus, we have galleries galore covering summer, back-to-school pics, grandparents and the ever-challenging task of scrapping yourself!

All this and so much more in Scrapbooking Memories Magazine Vol 13 No 2 – in newsagencies, major chain stores and supermarkets now!


Submission deadline: February 9, 2011

My favourite things: It’s time to scrap the things you love. Think about your favourite food, clothes, most treasured household item and the things you just can’t live without.

Digital: Calling all digi scrappers – we want you! Send us your works of art today.

The following are projects and layouts we are always on the lookout for:


It’s time to think outside the square, or in this case – off the page. Take your scrapping to the next dimension and show us what you’ve got! We are constantly on the look out for your original and innovative beyond-the-page projects!

Do you want to be on the COVER?

The Scrapbooking Memories team is always on the lookout for outstanding layouts to feature on our cover. The following are a few guidelines we look for in a cover layout:

* A well-composed 5inx7in photo (babies to adults) that is engaging and has eye contact, high resolution and without pixilation.
*A clean and aesthetically pleasing layout.
* Attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.
* Preferably no large-letter titles at the top of the page

Scrapbooking Memories Submissions Process


• We welcome submissions of work from scrapbookers all around the world. Please forward digital previews in jpeg format to with the submission theme noted in the subject line of the email. You will then be notified by email whether you have been successful and informed of the process involved in publishing your layout.
• All submissions are considered, whether you send them as individual emails or include multiple ones in a single email.
• If you prefer to send original layouts, please ensure they are packaged in a page protector and braced on either side with thick, sturdy cardboard. The layout should then be packed either in a box (clean pizza boxes are great for 12in x 12in pages) or a tough, padded Postpak bag and sent to the attention of Submissions, Scrapbooking Memories, 50 Silverwater Rd, Silverwater NSW 2128.
• We do not take responsibility for damage that may occur to the layout in transit; however, if you package your work carefully as described above, the risk of damage through the post is reduced greatly.


• Once received, submissions are looked at by the Editor and Technical Editor.
• Please keep in mind that we receive in excess of 1000 submissions per week.
• Three or four times a week, the Editor and Technical Editor go through each and every submission for anywhere up to three hours considering them for all upcoming galleries, features, general submissions and anything else for which they may be appropriate.
• Projects are considered on the following aspects:

- photography
- meaningful journalling
- innovative use of products
- new techniques
- composition and structure
- overall design to communicate the message and memory in the layout.

• All submissions are looked at thoroughly and given equal and ample consideration. Once a submission email has been looked at and decided upon, it is moved to the relevant folder – Acceptance or Non-acceptance.

Please note: No reply emails are sent until all submissions for that session have been looked at.
• No matter how you submit your projects – by email, post, in multiples or as a one-off – each is considered equally and for all areas of the magazine.


• All reply emails, whether an acceptance or not, are sent out once the submissions have been considered. They are all sent out at the same time and this is why you may receive a bunch of emails at once. ALL LAYOUTS ARE CONSIDERED THOROUGHLY.
• If you have submitted multiple projects in one email and you only receive one ‘unable to publish at this time’ reply, this refers to all the projects within that email. If you receive an acceptance email, the page accepted will be outlined and if no others are mentioned then this means they are unable to be published at this time.
• We respect that all layouts are special, but there are only so many pages in a magazine and it’s just not possible to publish them all. Please don’t be discouraged if you receive an ‘unable to be published at this time’ email. There are always new opportunities for contributors and we’re constantly keen to see new talent.


• While a layout may be accepted for consideration, this doesn’t necessarily ensure it will feature in Scrapbooking Memories. Publication is only confirmed when we send you a contract letter commissioning your work. Space constraints mean we are not always able to publish all the layouts accepted for consideration, however, we try and place as many of them as we can in other suitable galleries; otherwise we remove them from our files and inform the contributor of the change.
• Please note, as some emailed images are of questionable quality, the editorial team reserves the right to defer final acceptance of a project until the original work has been viewed.
• An email of acceptance is not a guarantee that your project will be published. Final selection is at the publisher’s discretion.


• In order to provide our readers with fresh projects, Scrapbooking Memories requires any layout accepted for publication to be removed from online or public display immediately (including blogs, forums, shops etc).
• To keep in line with overseas sale dates, you are more than welcome to upload or publicly display your layout 2 months after the issue in which it features goes on sale – or when you receive a confirmation from Scrapbooking Memories that your layout will not be published. Scrapbooking Memories DOES NOT accept previously published work (this includes store and online newsletters as well as promotional media, and all forms of printed media).
• Failure to comply with this policy will affect your chances of future projects being accepted for publication.

Please note you will be transferred to our secure Magstore website to complete your purchase.


For any questions, Please contact our customer service staff on (Toll Free) 1800 801 647
If you are an overseas customer, please call +61 2 9741 3899
or email us

A medley of warm chocolate, burgundy and
red hues, Lee Bendtsen made this quilt for her...


Tracey Bormann’s lovely plaque is a testament to the beauty of friendships.


Gayle Holmes has painted a set of letters that depict everyone's favourite place.


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